The relationship between Spike and Buffy Summers is oftenly called Spuffy (Sp/ike and B/uffy)

It rivals Bangel, Spaith, Fuffy, Spangel, Sprusilla and Spillyria

About Spike and Buffy[edit | edit source]

The two started off as clear enemies, but later had become reluctant allies. Spike ends up falling in love with Buffy during Season Five, but she does not return the feelings. She is concerned and disturbed of his growing obsession over her. Buffy is however touched when Spike deals with significant torture to protect her and her sister Dawn from Glory. They reconcile and fight together until Buffy sacrifices herself. Spike is devastated. After her Season Six resurrection, Buffy begins a violently sexual relationship with Spike. She breaks the relationship off, telling him she only used Spike, and that the relationship was 'killing her'. Spike later attempts rape on an weak and injured Buffy, but is flung off. Buffy asks him 'Ask me again why I can never love you.' Spike sets off and leaves town in order to restore his soul. His loyalty remains to Buffy after he receives his soul. In the finale (Chosen) Buffy admits that she loves him before his sacrifice to save the world. Spike smiles to her and says 'No, you don't. But thanks for saying it."

In Angel, Spike decides not to contact Buffy after his resurrection in Wolfram and Hart, and wanted her to remember him as a self-sacrificing hero. However, it is revealed in Season Eight (Last Gleaming) that Buffy had known Spike had come back but could not find the time to contact him. Despite the fact she still has feelings for him, she does not act upon any of them.

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